We want our attendees to have a fun, exciting, and inspiring experience and return for many more years to come. We are dedicated to making sure our guests feel safe and accepted, no matter their gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, size, appearance, race or religion. In order to ensure this positive atmosphere, we are implementing the following declaration of safe space and anti-harassment policy:

No forms of harassment will be tolerated, which can include offensive verbal comments, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of workshops or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention, whether in person or online. Anyone engaging in this type of behavior will be warned and/or ejected from the event without a refund at the organizer’s discretion.

Our teachers, staff, committee members, volunteers and participants are required to comply with the following code of conduct. We do not tolerate code of conduct violations in any form. If any participant engages in harassing behaviour, we will take prompt action to stop the harassment, including warning the offender or expulsion from the event with no refund. We reserve the right to exclude serious and/or repeated code of conduct violators on a permanent basis.

If you experience harassment or feel unsafe during the event, please bring your concerns to one of our staff. We will treat these issues with the strictest confidentiality.

BSF reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.

In order to maintain a safe environment, please keep in mind the following:
Our venue is a public space with limited security at certain hours. Be sure to keep an eye on your belongings and do not trust that everyone you encounter in the hotel is a trusted member of our group.
If you are a parent of minors, be sure to chaperone your children appropriately, especially after hours.
If you feel unsafe or if something just doesn’t look right or feel right and you sense someone may be in danger, please contact a member of our staff
Some general good conduct notes:
Please do not sneak in to the event without paying nor enable others to do so, such as sharing your wristband, etc. It’s tacky and shows disrespect for the event, the bands, the instructors, the organizer, and our scene in general which depends on your ticket purchases to continue thriving.
Don’t feel obligated to dance with anyone who makes you uncomfortable. It’s your body and you have a right to choose who touches it. Also, don’t take it personally if one of the weekend instructors turns you down for a dance. They have been working hard on their feet all day, may be saving their energy for a competition, or may just need to rest at that moment. It’s not you, it’s them.
Exercise awareness of your surroundings on the dance floor – protect your partner from collisions and falls. Apologize for said collisions and falls.
Remember that our staff is 100% volunteer and are working long hours for nothing more than the chance to enjoy the event. Please be kind to them.


Some data is collected automatically when you visit our website (using cookies and similar technologies), and some – directly provided by you, when you register to our events, make a purchase in our shop or send us inquiries. Depending on the purpose of use and only when necessary, we collect the following personal data of visitors and customers: name, e-mail, IP address, information about website visits, statistical and analytical traffic data.


We do that for the following purposes:

in order to provide you our services (execution of orders and inquiries, participation in events, etc.);
to provide access to the information on the website;
to ensure the functionality and optimization of the website;
to track and improve the performance of our website and social networking accounts;
in order to form and select the right advertisement for you.


We retain personal data for no longer than required by the purposes of the processing or as required by law:

personal data for the purposes of quality service provision and data analysis shall be stored for three years from the date of the last visit;
data obtained for the purpose of direct marketing shall be stored for three years from the date of the last visit;
for the purpose of administration of customer inquiries, personal data shall be stored for one year from the date of receipt of personal data;
personal data of invoicing is stored in accordance with the requirements of legal acts applicable to accounting.


We undertake not to disclose personal data processed to third parties, except in the following cases:

if we have your consent to the disclosure of personal data;
where such disclosure is necessary for processors providing accounting, online services, payment and other services;
where such disclosure is necessary in order to comply with legal obligations.


You have the right to:

get acquainted with the personal data collected about you;
demand that personal data relating to you be rectified;
request the deletion of data;
restrict the processing of personal data;
data portability;
object to the processing of personal data


To comply with the GDPR, websites have to inform the users of the cookies being used on the website and get their consent to be using them.

Cookies are small text files that website stores on a browser when they visit the website. Websites use them for multiple purposes like storing login statuses, remembering the cart items in an e-commerce store, identifying whether a user is a new visitor or returning user, or analyzing the user behavior on the website, etc.


A (post-)pandemic world requires adaptations in hygienic measures, official rules and (our own) ethics to go by. Please read this information carefully, so you know how we will organize and what you’ll have to agree on in order to participate in BSF.

At the moment, as assessed late March 2022, BSF will be organized as an open event without CST, green pass or any other forms of vaccination or testing certificates. Yet we trust on your own responsibility to respect the principles of an endemic or (post-)pandemic world. Chances exist that we will adapt to the entrance conditions.

At any moment we will comply with local governmental rules and measures to organize an event.

Chances exist that, depending on covid-numbers or the pandemic situation:

we organize covid testing on site. Once upon entry or with the possibility to repeat that process during the festival. In case a supplement up to maximum €25 could be asked for.
you need to present upon arrival one of following documents:
Vaccination certificate or passport (vaccine type and manufacturer, number of doses, date of vaccination): proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Only valid 14 days after fully finished vaccination schedule.
A negative test result, PCR or rapid antigen, with the name of the test, date and time of test, test center and result (self-tests are not valid) executed max 72hrs (antigen) or 48hrs (PCR) before arrival at the festival site.
Certificate stating recovery from COVID-19 (between 11 and max 180 days).
a combination of the actions described above.
A final update will be available at the latest two week before the event starts.


For now, social dancing at evening parties and switching partners during classes will be possible and completely free.

For those who do not feel comfortable social dancing with others, we allow you to create your own limitations and limit your dancing to a fixed partner/solo or your own smaller social circle, if wished at a designated zone.


We request that you follow the general hygiene measures:
Stay home if you have a sickness or cold!
Wash or sanitise your hands regularly, especially before and after class and in between dances.
Cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow or into a paper towel. Dispose of the papers immediately in a trash can.
Bring your own water bottle.
Always follow the instructions of the organization.
Inform us if you test COVID positive and have participated in one of our activities in the 7 days before!

We believe that the majority of dancers are up to date and conscious about the risk of their own and other people’s health. We expect that you do not join the festival if you are sick with the possibility of having and spreading Covid-19 at Upside Dow.

Participants from abroad can find useful information about travel possibilities and restrictions here.

Participants consent to our code of conduct and terms and conditions (registration – practical – Covid)

Participants are comprehensive of changes due to Force Majeure or constant changing regulations of the Spanish Government . We will always follow the most recent measures, which may affect safety requirements of the event. A final update will be available two weeks before the event starts in case there are some news.

We’ll do our best to provide as much safety and peace of mind to everyone involved. Last but not least, we’ll make sure that you will be reminded of the spontaneous thrill and joy of dancing to live music.


We understand that legal situations and covid-measures might change at any given moment.

If a participant is not allowed to travel due to government restrictions, we will hold the pass for next edition.
In case we have to cancel the event ourselves due to force majeure we will hold the pass for next edition.
We will not be able to refund any other costs such as housing, transport and other expenses related to your planned visit to BSF.

** We would like to thank https://www.upsidedownghent.be

Media Release and Photography Consent

For all participants:

I, [Participant’s Full Name], grant Associacio Cultural Storyville permission to use photographs, videos, or audio recordings of me taken during BSF for promotional and marketing purposes. I understand these materials may be used in various media formats. I release Associacio Cultural Storyville from any claims related to the use of these materials.

Acknowledgement of Jazz as a Black Cultural Artform

We are privileged to be able to present to you each year top notch live music and dance instruction from the wonderful tradition of Jazz music and dance, which are expressions of Black culture and the Black American experience. And it is the memories and legacies of these largely Black musicians and dancers that we try to carry on and honor as we present them for you. To engage in Swing Music and Swing Dance is to celebrate Black communities, Black culture, and Black art. Black Lives Matter.

Statement of Inclusion

We are committed to creating a culture safe for all who choose to participate. We are doing this through our commitment to increasing diversity in all of our participants including our staff, volunteers, and attendees. We strive to be an environment that welcomes and celebrates diverse perspectives and honors everyone’s humanity. In so doing, we are committed to dismantling oppressive structures, remembering that a critical component of this effort involves acknowledging, celebrating and lifting up the communities that provided us with these cultural art forms.

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